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Tuition Reset: Leading With Compassion

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New Tuition and Family Responsive Tuition Assistance

Pine Point’s Board of Trustees and the Administration announced in January 2023 the approval of a significant tuition reset for the upcoming school year. The reduced tuition, coupled with the School’s adoption of a new streamlined tuition assistance platform, will enable Pine Point to increase access and affordability, strengthen our student body and ensure long-term financial stability.

Expertly Honed Curriculum Cultivates Lifelong Love of Learning

Pine Point School is guided by strong values surrounding engagement, exploration, character, and community. We are also committed to offering exceptional value through powerful programming, masterful teaching, and transformative outcomes. And we’re taking important steps to empower more Southeastern CT and RI families to provide this full-arc experience for their children. Year by year, our students move through an expertly honed curriculum that cultivates a lifelong love of learning. Our graduates then carry this distinctive drive to question, investigate, and understand through secondary school, college, and career.

A New Tuition Model

Decisions about tuition are based on a careful examination of a number of factors, including the compensation of our faculty and staff, the requirements of our campus, and, most importantly, the goals of our educational programs. The Board is also mindful of each family’s financial commitment when choosing Pine Point and makes it a priority to ensure that tuition remains affordable over the course of a decade-long education. Beginning in the 2023–2024 academic year, families will benefit from a tuition decrease of 33% for Kindergarten and first grade, 20% for second and third grades, and 8% for grades four through nine. This new tuition model reflects our overarching mission and will allow us to provide an exceptional academic experience and deepen our partnership with our families.

Family Responsive Tuition Assistance is designed to make an independent school education possible for all, honoring the unique circumstances of each family. We are now partnering with Clarity to provide a more transparent process to help families understand the available resources and the true affordability of a Pine Point education.

A Full-Arc Experience for More Children

Our vision statement names Pine Point School as a year-round center of engaged learners. Our new tuition, in collaboration with our Family Responsive Tuition Assistance, will ensure the School becomes a full-arc experience for more children, nurturing strong minds and caring hearts from Pre-Kindergarten through 9th Grade.

If you or someone you know would like to begin the journey, please visit Admissions.

This article originally appeared in ViewPoints 2022-2023.

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