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Athletic Student at Pine Point

Flourish into Leaders

Middle School

In grades 6 – 9, our Middle School students achieve at the highest levels, but they also learn to care about those around them. We think these things go hand-in-hand. They also act as role models and mentors for our younger students, learning how to be true leaders.
Pine Point tree element

“It’s not that you have to be the best, it’s just that you try to do your best…”

Middle School Student

Advisory & Life Skills

Throughout the week, students meet in small advisory groups to organize their learning, build relationships, and plan for what’s ahead. Students develop organizational skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Our Middle School advisors are part mentor and part advocate. They facilitate this process of teaching students to take control of their learning, their time, and their materials to achieve success in middle school and beyond.
teacher helping student on laptop in the classroom
students fishing on a boat

Spread your Wings

Though our 67 acres off Barnes Road, which is surrounded by the Manatuak Preserve, is a beautiful and rich learning environment, Pine Point students also extend their learning with off-campus adventures. These are often close by on Long Island Sound, the Mystic Seaport, and Napatree Point. Sometimes these adventures take our students farther afield to Martha’s Vineyard, the White Mountains, Key West, and Hawaii.

Athletic Fields as Classrooms

Athletics has always been an important part of our Middle School program, and students are required to join one of our many teams. We emphasize participation, teamwork, skill-building, and the trials and joys of competition. Many of our teams are all gender and compete interscholastically with other independent and public schools in soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee, among others.

Students huddle during soccer game
student painting at Pine Point School

Arts Amplified

We believe that through learning how to creatively and confidently express themselves and their ideas in art, music, dance, and theater, students, and the adults they grow into, will be better equipped to communicate authentically in a global society. Our fine arts curriculum balances detailed instruction and skill work with exploration and independent expression. At Pine Point, every student has a safe and supportive environment in which to take risks, using their bodies and voices to express themselves as they interact with one another and the world around them.