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lower school students smiling

Learn To Learn

Lower School

As children move through grades 2 – 5, they build content knowledge and grow in their independence. They learn how to help each other, and how to help themselves. Our program focuses on developing the skills of learning, skills they will carry with them for a lifetime.
Pine Point tree element
“Our child is thriving at Pine Point and has come so far. We know this is because the faculty at Pine Point strikes the perfect balance between challenging students to their ability while continuously offering encouragement, support, and creating a positive and safe community where students can be themselves.”
Lower School Parent

Artful Adventure

Arts instruction nurtures creativity, confidence, and character through explorations and detailed instruction. In addition to weekly art, music, and dance classes, visual and performing arts are infused in our curriculum, with collaboration across subjects. Students use their skills in the arts to demonstrate learning in other subjects. That’s the power of interdisciplinary learning.
students observing
students participating in project-based work with plants


Lower School students have an active schedule which includes visiting specialized faculty across our campus. On any given day, this might include deepening their Spanish language learning, working in the greenhouse with our Lower School science teacher, or developing athletic skills on the soccer fields or the basketball courts. It’s a rich curriculum that encourages students to see the connections across disciplines, to learn deeply, and to be joyfully engaged every minute of the day.

Character Counts

Developing character is intentional work, and at Pine Point character education is grounded in our core values of respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence. We emphasize kindness and inclusion as we grow our community bonds across grade levels, with opportunities to learn and grow from missteps with support and guidance from our faculty.

teacher giving a student a high-five
students playing outside during recess

Don’t Forget Recess!

Unstructured, open-ended play engages students’ creativity and imagination, encourages flexibility, promotes complex social skills, and helps with emotional regulation. And it’s fun! Lower School students play outside multiple times every day – it’s crucial to the learning that follows.