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Welcome to Pine Point School

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about what makes our school such a wonderful place for children and parents.

Our school is structured as preschool through 9th grade because this model allows us to provide the best possible educational foundation for children. We help our students develop positive intellectual, social, and emotional habits in their most formative years. Our teachers foster a joy for learning and a sense of inquiry that is sustained throughout their years at Pine Point. And as students progress and choose to take more intellectual risks, teachers are with them every step of the way, building from their strengths and supporting them as they grow.

We offer an innovative academic program that thoroughly prepares students to succeed in secondary school and beyond. While helping students master traditional skills and concepts is at the heart of our curriculum, we also take an interdisciplinary approach to learning that encourages students to explore the relationships between areas of knowledge. Pine Point teachers work collaboratively to integrate content from many subject areas, and as students compare different ways of thinking and recognize patterns across disciplines, they also learn to grasp concepts deeply and reach solutions creatively.

This interdisciplinary curriculum is bolstered by a wealth of opportunities to apply coursework outside of the classroom. Perhaps our most unique resource for experiential learning is our beautiful 67-acre campus, which is nestled in the woods and located a few minutes from the shoreline. From 2nd graders raising plants in our greenhouse for a local food bank to 6th graders venturing out to the pond to test for dissolved oxygen levels to 9th graders completing biology labs aboard our boat, Quest II, in Little Narragansett Bay, students have learning experiences that not only help them engage with academic content but also develop a love for the natural world and an abiding sense of place.

But above all else, what makes Pine Point such a special place is our school’s strong sense of community. Students are not merely faces in the hallway or names on a class roster; at Pine Point, they are truly known by all members of the community. These connections are not accidental; rather, relationships flourish because of our emphasis on character development, social and emotional growth, and our commitment to our core values: respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence.

I have been a part of the Pine Point community since 1996, but the goodness of this warm and inclusive community still amazes me every day. I encourage you to visit Pine Point to see how our motto, “Strong Minds, Caring Hearts” guides everything we do.


Diana Owen
Head of School

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