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Music Students at Pine Point

Evergreen Music

Did you know playing an instrument helps improve your brain health? Join Evergreen music and engage your whole brain! Lessons are taught by local musicians and Pine Point music teachers and are offered in both 1:1 and small group settings.

Evergreen music lessons foster a lifelong love of music as they focus on learning technique in a fun and comfortable environment.

Looking for a particular instrument?

Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo and Harmonica

Private Lessons in guitar (grade 2+), ukulele (grade 2+), banjo (grade 9+), and harmonica are offered by Lou Manzi.


Private Lessons in piano (grades 1+) offered by John Ong.

Fiddle and Penny Whistle

Private Lessons in fiddle and penny whistle (ages 4 – adult) offered by Craig Edwards.

Djembe Drumming

Group classes and private lessons in Djembe Drumming (grades K+) offered by Matthew Dean.

Choose your Evergreen learning adventure