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Pine Point has a tangible sense of community which permeates all that we do. Children learn best and are willing to take intellectual risks when they feel known and supported, and that is, perhaps, the most powerful attribute of our school. With our small class sizes and friendly atmosphere, teachers truly know their students.

Our Middle School students delight in mentoring our Lower School and Preschool students, and our younger students enjoy following their example. This sense of community is not accidental; rather, it flourishes because of our emphasis on character development, social and emotional growth, and our commitment to our core values: respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence.

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United in a Shared Commitment

Pine Point families come from diverse backgrounds and cherish our school for many different reasons. They are united in their shared commitment to raise and educate their children guided by our core values as reflected in the school’s mission.


Better Together

Pine Point’s educational philosophy is that the best teaching and learning is not only experiential and interdisciplinary but also relational. Faculty members work in teams across the school to create robust and innovative plans to help our students reach their full potential. Through these professional connections, we build the academic community that is uniquely Pine Point.
Faculty at Pine Point School in Stonington, CT
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Pursuing Passions

For more than 75 years, students at Pine Point School have actively engaged in developing their academic and ethical core, as well as their interests and passions. We are proud of every student who has been a member of our community, and follow with enthusiastic interest their individual achievements, personal successes, and professional endeavors.