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Our Mission,Values & Vision

Our mission serves as our North Star. We believe in building a strong academic and ethical core. We know about the importance of cultivating a lifelong curiosity about our world. And we understand, now more than ever, that we must strive to build our students’ ability to reach solutions creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

Students at Pine Point School actively engage in developing a strong academic and ethical core, a lifelong curiosity about their world, and a commitment to reaching solutions creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

Our Core Values

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We value ourselves, as well as a diversity of people, places, and opinions.
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We value lives of honesty and sincerity.
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Moral Courage

We value doing the right thing when no one is watching and when everyone is watching.
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We value the need to challenge ourselves to reach our fullest potential.

Our Vision

Pine Point School will distinguish itself as a year-round center of engaged learners: a place where people of all ages are inspired to explore ideas, build deep understanding, and work ethically for the common good.