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outdoor classroom on campus

Outdoor Classrooms

One of the hallmarks of a Pine Point education is our frequent use of the outdoors for experiential learning. We are incredibly grateful that we have such a robust ability to learn outdoors on our beautiful 67-acre campus, which provides our students and teachers with an incredible environment for outdoor teaching and learning. It is well known that spending time in nature directly impacts how children care for and relate to the natural world. From learning while outdoors to learning about the natural world, outdoor classrooms are a regular part of our students’ learning every day.

Seeing the World Through a Different Lens

Whether our students travel for a day or a week, or by bus, train, boat, or plane, all of our Off-Campus Studies have some essential characteristics in common. These real-world experiences amplify the content in our curriculum, thereby building deeper understanding. Additionally, as our students progress from Early Childhood to Lower School and through Middle School, they become more comfortable and open to new experiences and more adept at seeing the world through a different lens. Pine Point’s Off-Campus Studies are vital to learning concepts joyfully and fostering creativity and empathy.

Student Climbing Ropes on a ship

Fostering Kinship with Nature

Starting in Early Childhood we focus on establishing a foundational understanding of learning in, of, and for nature. Lower School science builds off of students’ early learning by fostering an understanding of our impact on and in the world. In Middle School, students contribute to the collective knowledge through citizen science with water sampling in their marine studies.
Student on a climbing gym

Outside Every Day

Students often hike into our property in the Manatuck Preserve beyond the athletic fields, and we take our boat, “Quest II,” into Little Narragansett Bay on a regular basis. It’s also common to see Pine Point teachers having class just outside the classroom doors, on our decks and patios or gathered under a tree, whether it’s an English class holding a book discussion, a Spanish class on a scavenger hunt, or an art class drawing daffodils. In addition to structured classes outdoors, students in all grades, including middle schoolers, have dedicated unstructured outdoor play time every single day.