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Students read stories in Spanish with younger students

Finding their Voice

Pine Point intentionally cultivates leadership skills in our students through scaffolded experiences, guiding them throughout their journey. From their first days of Pre-K, teachers work with students to develop their voices and confidence in a warm and supportive environment.

Building Confidence

We are curious about our students’ messages and demonstrations of learning, and we honor their contributions to our community. During our All School Morning Meetings, we provide time for our youngest Lower School students to build their confidence and voice in front of an attentive audience while amplifying the emerging leadership of our Middle School students. Each member of our community has the opportunity to share and present in this format, building their confidence as they progress from group presentations to their delivery of a capstone speech in 9th grade.
9th Grade delivers capstone speech

Making an Impact in Middle School

While we focus on building leadership skills throughout all of our grades, we have specific opportunities for Middle School students to implement these skills through elected and application-based leadership positions. Each opportunity provides the space for students to problem-solve, take initiative, practice independence, lead their peers, and make an impact on the broader community under the mentorship of teachers and advisors.

9th graders receive Coaches Award
Lance Jastremski ’23 and Sophie Hurtgen ’23 were recognized at our Middle School Awards Ceremony with the Coaches Award in recognition of their skills, desire, and team spirit as well as their leadership and sportsmanship throughout their athletic experience at Pine Point.

Becoming Authentic Leaders

Through continued emphasis on our core values of respect, integrity, moral courage and excellence, it is our aim to empower all students, even those who do not yet see themselves as leaders, to begin to envision themselves in roles of leadership and how they might serve others with purpose and confidence.