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Our Commitment

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

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Pine Point School aspires to honor and learn from the unique identities and cultural experiences of all members of our community. We know that seeking out and engaging with diverse perspectives develops our individual and collective ability to work and learn creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

We recognize that Pine Point’s students thrive academically and socially when every person feels valued and included. Our core values of respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence serve as a framework for our commitment to advance the ideals of equity, inclusion, and social justice. We support and uphold the ability of all of the members of our community to contribute to and participate fully in a Pine Point School experience.


We commit to fostering belonging
  • Respect
Be Accepting.


We commit to promoting authenticity.
  • Respect

Be Yourself.

Moral Courage

We commit to cultivating advocacy.
  • Respect

Be Brave.


We commit to building understanding.
  • Respect

Be Curious.