An Evergreen Summer

A time to wonder, a time to dabble, a time to be curious, a time to explore.

Summer learning isn’t just for kids. Evergreen students are learners of all ages, building confidence while practicing skills and igniting their passions. Each summer our line-ups include experiences grounded in exploration, creativity, and skill-building through week-long programs and ongoing summer experiences.

Week-Long Programs

From musical theater to off-road adventures in mountain biking, we have week-long summer programs for the whole family.

Ongoing Music Lessons

Summer is a busy time with schedules that often change by the week, which is why we offer our flexible summer music packages. Purchase a pack of 5 or more lessons to be scheduled as mutually convenient between you and your music instructor.

For more information on our music offerings visit Evergreen music.

Academic Tutoring

Tutoring through Evergreen is offered on and off campus in a variety of formats to fit your student’s needs, from ongoing subject and study skills to short-term test preparation or essay writing. Evergreen employs experienced professionals in a variety of subjects and specialties, from beginning letter recognition to SSAT preparation. Once you have filled out our tutoring inquiry form and have a tutor match arranged, you may purchase any of our summer packages as mutually agreed upon with your tutor.

For more information on our tutoring program visit Academic Support and Enrichment.

One of a Kind Experiences for All Ages

Have a unique idea? Reach out to us and we’ll connect with our talented and skilled educators to customize a learning experience for you, your child, family, or group of friends. For more information, contact

Examples of customized learning experiences requested:

  • geometry for credit
  • creative writing group for friends
  • art open studio
  • Spanish language and culture mini-course
  • welding
  • mentoring for passion projects

Want to dive a bit deeper?

Passion Projects for Teens and Adults
– Designed for highly motivated students entering grades 7 through adult.

What’s a passion project? Something YOU decide to spend your time on because you are interested in an idea and want to spend time exploring it further. How does it work? You decide what you’d like to explore and set a goal for what you hope to learn. The project can be as large or small as fits your summer, and you may work on this on your own or with a friend or family member. Once a mentor has been identified you will meet to refine your plan and set benchmarks. Then you start exploring and creating with guidance in person and over email as arranged with your mentor. Go further. Dig deeper. Capture the joy of learning.

Reasons to pursue a passion project:

  • To have fun!
  • To scratch an itch 
  • To build your portfolio
  • To apply or expand your strengths and skills
  • To connect as a family or deepen connection with friends
  • To indulge your curiosity

Partial list of on-site resources available to Passion Projects:

  • 3-D printer
  • Laser cutter
  • Cricut
  • Bookbinder
  • Laminators
  • Design lab
  • Art studio
  • Science lab

What does an Evergreen Summer look like?