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All About Evergreen

Why join an Evergreen program? To experience the joy of learning. Evergreen learners come to Pine Point’s Stonington, Connecticut campus from many backgrounds and study at all times of the year. Lifelong learners seek out Evergreen to take a deep dive into unique content, to try out new skills in a safe and encouraging learning environment, and to connect with others while working alongside each other for the common good.

Kids Learning at School

Be open. Challenge yourself.
Join an Evergreen program today to continue your lifelong learning.

Anyone can be a learner at Pine Point. Whether you’re interested in trying an instrument for the first time or exploring an art form, all learners experience an inviting and encouraging environment to explore and refine skills. Whether you are a child or an adult you are sure to find an Evergreen program that will inspire life-long learning in you.

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