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Alumni from Pine Point School


“Whether we spent a year or our entire preschool through grade 9 life at the Point, we’ll always be Pine Pointers, and as alumni we are lifelong learners. We are spread across the globe, crafting meaningful lives through building relationships, making an impact, and growing as a person – all things we learned here at Pine Point. Pine Point led us in experiences that filled us with wonder, sparked our curiosity, and inspired us to live a life of purpose, working for the common good.”

Julie Wright DelPrado ’89, Parent of ’19, ’21, ’23
Director of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives

Pine Point Alumni repping their college gear

After Pine Point

After Pine Point we have attended our local public schools, local independent schools, and boarding schools across the nation and the world. From there we’ve launched into the workforce, attended undergraduate institutions, and pursued advanced degrees.

What Are We Doing Now?

The list is countless: we are learners, explorers, artists, parents, educators, researchers, grandparents, public servants. We work in education, medicine, research, technology, theater, cultural anthropology, evolutionary biology, filmmaking, industrial design, and even nautical archeology! And we’re everyday citizens making our way through the challenges of this ever-changing world.

alumni exploring the ocean by scuba diving
Kara Falck ’12 grew up on the Connecticut shoreline. Her interest in marine life began early, and was further nurtured during her 8 years at Pine Point through coastal cleanups, trips to the vernal ponds in the woods, and time aboard Quest taking and studying samples. She is now pursuing her graduate degree in Ocean Food Systems at the University of New England-North, studying the ecology of aquaculture and fisheries on Nantucket Island.
Our Pine Point journey doesn’t end when we leave our School. Many of us have become Pine Point:
  • Board and committee members
  • Faculty members, assistant and substitute teachers
  • Evergreen students
  • Commencement speakers
  • Pine Point tree element

    “My Pine Point education helped me fuel and strengthen my curiosity, which became the foundation on which I choose to live my life, explore different jobs, live in various countries, educate my children, build rich friendships and experience life in general.”

    Erica Eppinger Fox ’88

    Ways To Connect and Make an Impact

    Share Your Story

    When we share our news and update our contact information, we’re letting the School know we want to stay in touch. Pine Point is interested in life’s milestone moments – and also what you’re passionate about these days, your new hobbies, or what you’re exploring.

    Graduating Students
    Pine Point tree element

    “Pine Point is still small and very caring. This is what makes Pine Point so special. It is unique and provides an environment for the next generation to learn character, service, and the importance of community.”

    Cynthia Stein Therrien ’73,
    Class Agent for 10 years

    Volunteer as a Class Agent

    As Class Agents we help Pine Point maintain and strengthen relationships with our alumni community members. We assist with annual fundraising appeals to classmates, we help arrange alumni events, and connect with classmates. A perk of being a class agent is you get advance notice of exciting things happening at our School!

    If you’re interested in serving as a class agent, please contact the alumni office at

    alumni tent event on campus

    Attend an Event or Visit Campus

    Connecting in person is a powerful way to keep our community vibrant and strong. Consider attending a golf tournament, a community gathering, retirement celebrations, sports tournaments, or Commencement. We’re always happy to give you a tour, and many of our events are open to the broader Pine Point community. If you’re coming to campus, send us a note so we know to expect you!

    Be a Guest Speaker

    When we share our stories with students and faculty we help build empathy and understanding. Whether you are working in a cutting-edge field or completed a solo hike through a historic trail, chances are you have reflections and insights on your experiences that Pine Point students and faculty would be curious to learn more about.
    teacher with a guitar

    Michael Petty ’64 came to campus in January 2020 to discuss Frederick Douglass and the Underground Railroad with our 8th grade history class. The conversation included Michael’s impromptu performance of songs that would have been sung during the ‘passengers’ journey north. Michael is a history professor at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD, and has been active with the Underground Railroad Experience at Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park in Sandy Springs, MD. Michael volunteers as Class Agent for the Class of 1964.

    Evergreen students learning outside

    Take a Class

    Did you know Evergreen classes are open to the community, and we have programming just for adults? We can be Evergreen learners. We can even sign our children or grandchildren up to be Evergreen learners. Whether we want to take a class, find a tutor, join a former teacher for a unique experience or attend a family workshop, Evergreen has something for all of us.


    While the sentiment “a gift of any size is appreciated” is true, it is also true that a gift to Pine Point goes much further than a gift to a larger institution. Your gift to Pine Point makes a significant impact.

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